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LIFE is a mission

We shall, for the occasion, speak according to our intergalactic cosmic rays, spirit, of the nature of these times. We, as a lower form of life, live in times which are the most hazardous known, in terms of hazard, for all humanity, as far as we know it. We're on the verge of what could be, under this world government, a tool of the Vatican and London, could be the end of humanity. It could be. And the only way, as we know from not being much of a lower form of life, but being a lower form of life, that before you rise to higher life, and the prospect of actual life, you commit yourself to accept higher life. Not to desire it, not to yearn for it, not to run away from it, even, but to recognize that it's there, and if you can't face it, as a prospect, you may fail in your duty as lower form of life. [READ MORE]