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Obamacare is a Plan to Kill Young and Old Alike for the Queen

Not a day goes by when a new horror story or looting scam about Obamacare doesn't surface. Today, some of the reality of its impact on younger Americans is coming to light.
Before Obamacare, college students—by and large a healthy population—were able to buy cheap health insurance policies through their colleges, or privately. Obamacare's requirements that young people buy expensive coverage for unlikely health events has outlawed inexpensive health insurance for youth, and forced them into high-premium plans from which the insurance companies profit on their paid-for but unused benefits.
At Maryland's Bowie State College, one of the ten oldest historically Black colleges in the U.S., founded in 1865 at the end of the Civil War, the university's $100/year student health insurance policy would have been replaced by mandatory enrollment in Obamacare which cost $1,800 per student per year. The old plan, now illegal, offered $5,000 worth of medical coverage to students for $54/semester. University administrators said an acceptable replacement under the ACA would have cost $900 per semester. The school decided to drop the policy for all of its 5,500 students, announcing,"Bowie State University has suspended offering health insurance for domestic students for the 2013-2014 academic year. Due to new requirements of the Affordable (sic) Care Act, the cost...will increase to approximately $1,800 per year."
One student told Fox News,"You haven't done anything, Obama, and I am disappointed in you."Another said,"We don't have that money. We can barely afford books."
In New Jersey, many community colleges which offered similar cheap plans also cancelled them. Many colleges in Passaic and Bergen Counties dropped coverage. The NJ Association of State Colleges announced that students at 9 schools saw the costs of their policies triple. In Lindsborg, Kansas, Bethany College students had been offered a plan that cost students $445/year, with payouts capped at $10,000. Under Obamacare, the payout cap was increased to $100,000, and it now costs more than $2,000, causing Bethany to drop its plan, as did Lenoir Rhyne University in North Carolina, Cornell College in Iowa, and University of Puget Sound in Washington. These three schools say student premiums would have increased 10-fold.
A conservative group called "Generation Opportunity," headed by Evan Feinberg, is now holding rallies and beer parties on campuses, urging students not to sign up for Obamacare. "Enroll America" and the "Young Invincibles" are fielding their own well-financed teams to urge people to drink the Kool-Aid.
It is unclear how Obama's backdown last week, to ask insurance companies to let Americans keep their cancelled plans for another year, will affect the enrollment of those aged 18-34, who are critical to make the plan work actuarially. Many of those whose plans were cancelled were young adults who had chosen less expensive coverage. After support for Obama's health plan since 2009, in October 2013, for the first time, a plurality of the 18-34 age group said that Obamacare was "a bad idea."
As Lyndon LaRouche discussed in the November 18th LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show:
Lyndon LaRouche:We're seeing this process, that is, a real breakdown. The popular opinion was that Obama was popular, including his health-care policy. But then suddenly it emerged that he was not so popular, and that he was actually rather hated.
And so therefore, that change occurred. And what we did, with his initiative on the one hand, and what I followed up with in what we did on Friday, was to present an actual case for throwing this President out of office and bringing in a new administration. And this would have meant, also, Glass-Steagall is also on the agenda, very much so. And Glass-Steagall will change not only the U.S. economy, it will change the world economy, or a good part of it.
So therefore, this is what we're sticking to, is we're out fighting a war of a certain kind, and we're determined to win the war. And we will pay full attention to winning the war. It's usually the good policy in some cases.
Obamacare's financial viability depends on physically wrecking and monetarily looting the 18-34 age group in particular, which was Obama's biggest base of support and which includes women of child-bearing age. Briefed on the targetting of youth, and students who previously had cheap insurance, Lyndon LaRouche stated,"It's the intention of genocide. It's what the Queen is doing."