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The Commitee of 300

The group that claims to have started the American, French and Russian revolutions state they have issued a March 31st deadline to the Committee of 300, according to their spokesman “Alexander Romanoff.”

In addition, Prince Harry has been in touch with the group and has agreed to take over control of the British Royal family from Queen Elizabeth.

There are signs, such as the resignation of over a dozen senior bankers and the announcement of a $15 trillion fraud in the UK and a $6 trillion fraud in Italy, that these warnings have been taken seriously.

The Italian case is especially noticeable because one of the people 'arrested' was former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

In addition a meeting is scheduled this week between a White Dragon Society representative and a representatives of the dragon family in mainland Asia to discuss the creation of a meritocratically staffed economic planning agency. - [ READ MORE ]