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The Massive Ark on the Moon (very OT, but of high interest)

Are you ready to know about the real meaning of 666? Where our technologies came from ? The Intra-terrestrials, Nephalim, from Man's hidden past? The root of Humanity and all our Religions ? Example, if you have read your Bible, the Book of Genesis, and the Book of Enoch, you will understand this hidden history. Fallen Angels mated with beautiful Earthly women, and had off-spring called Nephalim. They were big, strong, very intelligent and were the combination of the worst of the Fallen Angels, and the worst of Mankind. They were a hybrid species that wasn't supposed to be. The Bible has a lot to say about the Giants, the Nephalim. It is why GOD had to wipe them all out with a massive global flood. And story is about to repeat, but we can avoid it, because they need us. - [ READ MORE ]