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" I love this video. It has a little bit of everything I believe in it. I find it sad that I don't believe I will ever see these changes in my lifetime. I worry for my children's future and the future of theirs. Unless there is radical change and the amount of people who support it, what will the earth be like for those in the future? It could be a very scary place. Barren and lifeless. Polluted and sick. Its so sad that greed and ignorance are the dominant human motivations in this world today, when we could do so much more with our intelligence. Preserving this amazing planet and its wildlife, for future generations. I especially like the worded message near the end of this video; [ I believe animals should be respected as citizens of this earth. 
They should have the right to their own freedom, their own families and their own life ].

I know I am one of many, that are considered boring, I sound like a broken record and that I am fighting a losing battle. Why worry about what you can't change? I will be dead soon, so I won't be around to worry about it, right? So. I don't care what other people think, just as they don't care about what I think. I'm not worried about having the latest mobile phone, pair of jeans or fast car. I, like a handful of others in this world, see the true beauty of this planet and its inhabitants, and I'm not talking about the humans. Everything we have in this world is a precious gift. As far as we know, what happens on earth, happens no where else, at least in this solar system. Soon, it could all be gone forever, along with humanity and no one to remember its wonders. "

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